Appendix A: Equipment template - Johnson Controls - LIT-12012585 - Software Application - JEM: Johnson Controls Enterprise Management - 1.3.1

Metasys Enterprise Management Professional Productivity Tool (PPT) Guide

Product name
Johnson Controls Enterprise Management
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User Guide
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Use this table to understand the items of equipment that the Professional Production Tool currently supports. These items of equipment are part of the Global Rules in Johnson Controls Enterprise Management. For more information, see Johnson Controls Enterprise Management Configuration Guide (LIT-12012432).

Equipment Display PPT Version Default Filter
AHU 4.3 FQR,Name,Descr= *AHU*!*V?D*,*AHU*!*TEC*,*AHU*!DD Supply**AHU*!*Fan*; Name=(BACnet)*.Acnnn.*; @Application System Type=AHU;
Boiler 4.3 FQR,Name= *BLR*,*HTG*,*HWS*;Descr=*Boiler*
Chiller-PP 4.3 FQR,Name= *CHLR*,*CHILLER*,*CH?-ELINK,*CH-*; Descr=*Chiller*
Chiller-YK 4.3 FQR,Name= *CHLR*,*CHILLER*,*CH?-ELINK,*CH-*; Descr=*Chiller*
Chiller-YVWA 4.3 FQR,Name= *CHLR*,*CHILLER*,*CH?-ELINK,*CH-*; Descr=*Chiller*
CoolingTower 4.3 FQR,Name= *CLG TWR*;Descr=*CoolingTower*,*Cooling Twrs*
ExhaustFans 4.3 FQR,Name= *Exhaust*Fan*;Descr=*Ex Fan*,*Exhaust*
FCU 4.3 FQR,Name= *FCU*
PAC 4.3 FQR,Name= *PAC*
VAV -RH 4.3 FQR,Name= *VAV*,*VMA*;FQR=*VAV*!DD Supply*; Name=(BACnet)*.VAVnnn:*; @Application System Type=VAV; @Application System Type=VMA
VAV -WORH 4.3 FQR,Name= *VAV*,*VMA*;FQR=*VAV*!DD Supply*; Name=(BACnet)*.VAVnnn:*;@Application System Type=VAV;@Application System Type=VMA