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You can view, modify, and manage the filters for population for your Professional Productivity Tool project with the Change Filters for Population option in the Project Settings menu.

Note: A subset of this window is available when you right-click a point cell that contains data and select the Modify Filter option.
Table 1. Filter Characters
Wildcard Represents Example
* Any number of characters.
  • t* matches any word beginning with the letter T.
  • *AHU matches xxxxxxxxAHU.
  • *FCU* matches xxxxxxxFCUxxxxxxxx
? Any single character. t??t matches any four-letter word beginning and ending with the letter T.
# Any single digit from 0-9. 1#3 matches any three-digit number beginning with 1 and ending with 3.
[charlist] Any single character in charlist. [a-z] matches any letter that falls between the letter A and the letter Z (case-sensitivity depends on Option Compare setting).
[!charlist] Any single character not in charlist. [!A-Z] excludes the uppercase alphabetic characters. Case-sensitivity depends on Option Compare setting.