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Metasys Enterprise Management Professional Productivity Tool (PPT) Guide

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Johnson Controls Enterprise Management
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User Guide
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  • The Professional Productivity Tool uses Windows® Authentication to access System Configuration Tool archives and PPT databases. If a User Not Authorized message appears when you first run the Professional Productivity Tool, a SQL Admin or the user with Admin permissions on their PC, must use the SQL Server Management Tool to access the running SQL instance. You must complete the following steps:
    1. View Security settings.
    2. Select SQL Server and Windows Authentication Mode.
    3. Restart the SQL Server.

PPT installs with data access to the CL drive only. It does not use the data folders that the SQL Server uses. This is especially important to note for installs on a Virtual Server.

You must not install PPT on the same server as an ADX. PPT is memory intensive and may cause the ADX to miss alarms.

Note: This is important if you are installing PPT on Split ADX system where SQL Server installs to a different drive other than C:. If security is strict, the Admin may have to provide the MSSQL$Servername access to the C:\ProgramData\Johnson Controls\PPT\MetaysIII and C:\ProgramData \Johnson Controls\PPT folders.
  • If you need to completely uninstall the SQL Server, you must take steps to archive your PPT projects and backup all SQL databases. You must then delete the PPT projects and SQL database backups from SQL before you uninstall the SQL Server. To delete a project from SQL, complete the following steps:
    1. Use PPT to delete the ProjectName project. This creates a backup in your project folder under PPT\Projects\PPT-ProjectName-MEM\Backup\DeleteProjectBackup. The backup in the project folder is dddd-mm-dd hh-mm DeletedProjectBackup PPT-ProjectName-MEM,pxpt.
    2. Copy the dddd-mm-dd hh-mm DeletedProjectBackup PPT-ProjectName-MEM,pxpt file to another location.
    3. Delete PPT-ProjectName-MEM folder.

The PPT SQL Server databases delete automatically when you delete the PPT project. You can use SSMS to remove the SCT archive database.

The Professional Productivity Tool may not recover access to these databases when you reinstall them. You must use the Windows Uninstaller to remove PPT executable files, the Microsoft Visual Basic Power Pack components, and your short cuts on the desktop.