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Low Differential Pressure Transducer DP180 Series Product Bulletin

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DP180 Series
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The Johnson Controls® Low Differential Pressure Transducer DP180 Series provides a rugged, high accuracy solution. The DP180 delivers accuracies of ±0.5% FS with display, and optional ±0.25% FS with display, and pressure ranges from ±0.1 in. W.C. up to 25 in. W.C. The DP180 is housed in a robust, NEMA 4 rated enclosure that reduces installation and material costs. The DP180 has an LCD display with a standard accuracy of ±0.5% that makes it ideal for high accuracy pharmaceutical applications.

The core technology of the DP180 is the all stainless steel capacitive sensing element. The welded dead-ended capacitive sensor requires minimal amplification and delivers excellent accuracy and longterm stability.

Figure 1. DP180 transducer