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Low Differential Pressure Transducer DP180 Series Installation Guide

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DP180 Series
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Installation Guide
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The Johnson Controls® DP180 Series measure differential or gauge (static) pressure and convert this pressure difference to a proportional high-level analog output for both unidirectional and bidirectional pressure ranges. Every sensor in the DP180 Series is tested and factory-calibrated before shipment. The DP180 Series contains two standard excitation and output versions as shown in Table 1.

Figure 1. DP180 Transducer
Table 1. DP180 output versions
Excitation Output Output codes
9 VDC to 28 VDC 4 mA to 20 mA 4
9 VAC to 30 VAC

12 VDC to 40 VDC

0 VDC to 5 VDC 2