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LonWorks Network Integration with Network Engines and LCS Technical Bulletin

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LonWorks Integration
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The documents in Table 1 contain information related to the installation, operation, and troubleshooting of the network engine in a Metasys system environment, and information on the software tools used to configure and update the network engine and the Metasys system. Once you are connected to an ADS, Extended Application and Data Server (ADX), OAS, NAE, SNE, SNC, or LCS, you can access important user information in the Metasys Site Management Portal Help (LIT-1201793) and SCT: System Configuration Tool Help (LIT-12011964) .

Table 1. LonWorks network integration – related documentation

For information on

See document

Installing the NAE55 or NIE55

NAE55/NIE55 Installation Instructions (Part No. 24-10051-43)

Installing the NAE35 or NAE45

NAE35/NAE45 Installation Instructions (Part No. 24-10050-6)

Installing the NCE25

NCE25 Installation Instructions (Part No. 24-10143-63)

Installing and upgrading the LCS85

LCS85 Installation and Upgrade Guide (LIT-12011623)

Installing an SNC SNC Installation Guide (Part No. 24-10143-01892)
Installing an SNE SNE Installation Guide (Part No. 24-10143-01647)

Creating, editing, and loading archive databases with the System Configuration Tool (SCT)

SCT: System Configuration Tool Help (LIT-12011964)

Metasys system supported LonWorks objects, using the command status mapping tool

Metasys Site Management Portal Help (LIT-1201793)

Commissioning the SNE

SNE Commissioning Guide (LIT-12013352)

Commissioning the SNC

SNC Commissioning Guide (LIT-12013295)

Commissioning the NAE

NAE Commissioning Guide (LIT-1201519)

Commissioning the LCS85

LonWorks® Control Server (LCS) 85 Commissioning Guide (LIT-12011568)

Configuring and commissioning devices on the LonWorks trunk

LN-Builder 3.5 Technical Bulletin (LIT-12011250)

General LonWorks network information

LonMark® Interoperability Association website: