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When you upgrade your LCS to 25,000 objects, Permanent Status Item support is limited to 11,000 items. If you exceed the 11,000 Permanent Status Item limitation, point values for Permanent Status Items no longer continuously update on each polling cycle. See Point object polling. In most cases, increasing the number of continuously polled items (Permanent Status Items) degrades the performance to an unacceptable level before reaching the 11,000 Permanent Status Item limit. For example, if your system has 10,000 Permanent Status Items with a 50 point-per-second scan rate, then the total scan time to complete one polling cycle is approximately 200 seconds, assuming optimal field conditions and router performance.

User interaction, such as displaying LonWorks point objects, does not exceed the limit. The majority of Permanent Status Items stem from extensions and feature objects. For more information on Permanent Status Items, see the Permanent Status item count section.