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The Target Reference attribute is a string the LON Integration uses to resolve which item on the Point Object's controller to use for this object. See Figure 1.

The basic format is:
  • tt.ii.ff(ss) where tt is the type of item (for example, NV)

  • ii is the index of the item (using one or more digits)

  • ff is the (optional) field within the item (using one or more digits to identify a single part of the Network Variable)

    For example, if you have an NV type SNVT_hvac_status, and you want to map another field to this object, such as heat_output_primary, use a field of 2, since it is the second field of the NV.

  • ss, which is not shown in Figure 1, is the (optional) SNVT ID for NVs (manually defines the SNVT that the network engine uses based on the SNVT Master List). For example, NV.53(105), as shown in Figure 2, specifies that NV 53 is treated as SNVT_temp_p (105).

Note: You can change the LON Point Object Target Reference attribute ONLINE and OFFLINE. If you change the attribute when ONLINE, you must reboot the network engine before the change takes effect.
Figure 1. Target Reference NV.7.3

Figure 2. Target Reference NV.53

Figure 3. Identifying a changeable SNVT from the XIF file