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LonWorks Network Integration with Network Engines and LCS Technical Bulletin

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The LN Series -12 model controllers require the Communicating (referred to as Comm) Sensors and Wireless Sensors to be manually mapped. The Auto Discovery process does not correctly identify the configuration for these NVs.

Each LN Series -12 model controller supports up to 12 dynamic User Network Variable Types (UNVTs) that are configured by the LNS GPI Plug-in. Figure 1 shows configured Comm and Wireless Sensors. The Network Variable names and Format Names are updated to reflect defined configuration. The configuration must be known before mapping the LON points into the NAE, SNE, or SNC.

Figure 1. Configured Comm and Wireless Sensors

Table 1 shows a list of available mapping points of the LN Series -12 Controllers for Comm and Wireless Sensors.

Table 1. Mapping of LN Points to Network Engine Objects for LN Series -12 Models

Object Type

Target Reference

Valid Network Engine Object Types

Controller Type Supported

Comm Sensors


Note: LNSI.XXYYZZ, where XX is 1-12 (leading zero omitted), YY is the Comm Sensor from 01-12 (leading zero required), and ZZ is the point number from 1-4. For example, LNSI.20503 = Uses nvoStatus02 (renamed to nvoComSensr05_08) and represents the fifth Comm Sensor for point 3.


LN-GPI v12

Wireless Inputs


Note: LNWI.XXZZ, where XX is 1-12 (leading zero omitted) and ZZ is the point number from 01-28 (leading zero required ). For example, LNWI.728 = Uses nvoStatus07 (renamed to nvoWrIn22_28) and represents wireless point 28. A single wireless sensor can have up to 4 points defined.


LN-GPI v12

Wireless Outputs


Note: LNWO.XXZZ, where XX is 1-12 (leading zero omitted) and ZZ is the point number from 01-28 (leading zero required). For example, LNWO.612 = Uses nvoStatus06 (renamed to nvoWrOut08_14) and represents wireless point 12. For future use.


LN-GPI v12