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LonWorks Network Integration with Network Engines and LCS Technical Bulletin

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LonWorks Integration
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Technical Bulletin
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The Engineering view allows you to view data in LonWorks devices that are connected to the network engine or LCS LonWorks trunk. This view is typically used by advanced users with the appropriate access authority to directly view and change data in LonWorks devices. LN Series free-programmable internal points cannot be viewed or modified. The devices and network variables may or may not be integrated (mapped) to network engine objects in the Navigation Tree. Routers are shown in this view, but cannot be mapped as devices. Any devices or network variables that are mapped to network engine objects are displayed in a Mapped Devices folder.

The Engineering view contains the Integration Tree and Integration view panels. The Integration Tree panel contains a list of known LonWorks devices connected to the network engine along with their network variables. The Integration view panel displays the details about the LonWorks device or network variable selected in the Integration Tree.

Note: You must issue a device discovery command to view any routers in the Engineering view.

After you create a LonWorks Integration object, the Integration Tree is empty until you add LonWorks enabled devices, either manually or by using Auto Discovery. See Detailed Procedures for instructions on adding LonWorks devices.

The Engineering view Integration Tree is the only place you can view routers, as they are not shown in the Navigation Tree. Detailed information about each router is available in the Summary view.