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Found under the Metrics section of the Diagnostic view, the Permanent Status Item Count displays the number for Change of Value (COV) signups for LonWorks Point Objects (Figure 1). This attribute is especially important when observing the 11,000 Permanent Status Item limitation associated with an LCS85 license upgrade. Objects associated with the Permanent Status Item Count include the following:

  • Alarm Extensions (including Intrinsic Alarming)

  • Trend Extensions (COV only)

  • Totalization Extensions (including Event and Runtime)

  • Load Extension

  • LCT Object (Input Reference Attribute)

  • Auto Shutdown (Control Attribute)

  • DLLR Object (EOI Attribute)

  • Data Broadcast Object (Input Reference Attribute)

  • Event Enrollment Object

  • Generator Load Control (JCI Control Start Reference and JCI Current Consumed WH Reference Attributes)

  • Global Data Share Object (Manager and Alternate Manager attributes)

  • Interlock Object (Interlock Definition Attribute)

  • Loop Object (Reference Attribute)

  • Optimal Start Object (Control Attribute)

  • Signal Select Object (Input List and Average Output Attributes)

When active, the following panels place the objects in the Temporary Status Item list and then move the objects immediately to the Permanent Status Item list until the panel is closed. Once you close the panel, the object moves back to the Temporary Status Item list if the Temporary Status Item Expiration Time has not expired. If the Temporary Status Item Expiration Time has expired, the object is removed from the Permanent Status Item list.

  • Graphic Object (each instance of a LonWorks Point Object when the graphic is active)

  • Global Search Query

  • Group Object (only when the Group Object is active)

  • Point Summary Display Panel

  • Device Point Summary Display Panel

  • User View