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LonWorks Network Integration with Network Engines and LCS Technical Bulletin

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LonWorks Integration
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Technical Bulletin
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This document describes how to perform the tasks required to configure the network engine as a LonWorks network integrator, including how to:

  • add a LonWorks Integration object
  • insert resource files
  • define a network engine on the LonWorks trunk
  • map LonWorks enabled devices using Auto Discovery
  • map field points in LonWorks devices using Auto Discovery
  • map a series of LonWorks enabled devices manually
  • map field points in LonWorks enabled field devices manually
  • use the Engineering view to view device and point data
  • use the Engineering view to command Network Variable Input (NVIs) and NexSys® points
  • view detailed router information
  • trend LonWorks device data

The Network Automation Engine (NAE) models, SNE series network engines, SNC series network control engines, and LonWorks® Control Server (LCS) with a LonWorks network interface serve as LonWorks network integrators within the Metasys system.

Note: The LCS is a server; however, in this document, network engine refers to the NAE, SNE, SNC, and LCS unless otherwise noted.

As a LonWorks network integrator, the network engine monitors and supervises LonWorks enabled devices on multiple network segments (or trunks) and is configured as a device on the LonWorks network. Data is presented on a web browser that is logged in to the web-enabled user interface of the engine, or to any other NAE, SNE, SNC, LCS, Application and Data Server (ADS), or Open Application Server (OAS) requesting data over the IP network.

Note: The NCE25, NAE35, and NAE45, referred to as small-capacity engines, do not support LonWorks integrations from Release 9.0.7 to Release 9.0.10. All small-capacity engines that feature the LonWorks integration must remain at Release 9.0.6 or earlier.