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LonWorks Network Integration with Network Engines and LCS Technical Bulletin

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About this task

The Device Auto Discovery is used to recognize the routers as being on the LonWorks routers are discovered as part of the Device Auto Discovery process. The routers are visible in the Engineering View's Integration tree (only if the Device Auto Discovery process has been run), but are not visible in the Navigation tree, since the routers cannot be mapped.

Routers are not visible on the Navigation tree and are only visible on the Integration tree in the Engineering view after using the Relearn or Auto Discovery command to expose them.

Devices added below a router on the LN-Builder Physical tree must be physically connected to the LonWorks network somewhere on the far side of the router. Device order is not important.

Subnet addresses are hexadecimal, are automatically assigned, and are not always sequential by subnet level.

Figure 1. Router subnet levels

To view routers in the Integration Tree:


  1. Add and commission the routers using LN-Builder.
  2. On the network engine, drag the LonWorks Integration object to the Display frame.
  3. Click the Engineering tab to display the current devices on the Integration Tree.
    Figure 2. Integration Tree before Discovery

  4. Click the LON Trunk, then click Relearn to start the Auto Discovery process.
  5. Click Restart to complete the discovery.
    Figure 3. Discovery Screen

    Note: Routers are not shown in the Relearn screen until after discovery is finished.
  6. When the discovery is finished, click Close; the newly discovered router now appears as a folder in the Integration Tree.
    Figure 4. Integration Tree After Discovery

    Note: Even though the router, with its mapped devices, appears in the Integration Tree, the Mapped Devices folder only displays the mapped devices under the router. Routers cannot be mapped.