Trending LonWorks device data - Johnson Controls - LIT-1201668 - System Integration - LonWorks Integration - 12.0

LonWorks Network Integration with Network Engines and LCS Technical Bulletin

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LonWorks Integration
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  1. Right-click the point you want to trend. Select Show Extensions to open the Extension Wizard.
    Figure 1. Extension Wizard

  2. Click New to open the Insert Trend Wizard Select Attribute screen (Figure 2). Present Value is the default attribute. Attributes vary, depending on the point or device selected. To select a different attribute, click Other and select the attribute; otherwise, click Next to display the Insert Trend Wizard Configure screen.
    Figure 2. Insert Trend Wizard (Select Attribute Screen)

  3. Make any changes to the configuration settings (Figure 3), and click Next to display the Summary screen.
    Figure 3. Insert Trend Wizard (Configure Screen)

  4. Click Finish to complete the Trend configuration, display the newly created trend in the Trend Extension Wizard, and begin trending the point.
    Figure 4. Insert Trend Wizard (Summary Screen)

    Figure 5 shows a trend chart example, and Figure 6 shows an example trend table.

    Figure 5. Trend Chart Screen

    Figure 6. Trend Table Screen