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LonWorks Network Integration with Network Engines and LCS Technical Bulletin

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About this task

After you add the LonWorks Integration object and the required resource files, you need to map the devices on the LonWorks network to the network engine. Auto Discovery is an alternative to the manual process.

To map the devices using Auto Discovery:


  1. On the Insert menu, select Field Device. The Insert Field Device Wizard Destination screen appears.
    Figure 1. Insert Field Device Wizard (Destination)

  2. Select the LonWorks Integration object within the network engine and click Next. The Insert Field Device Wizard Select Definition Mode screen appears.
    Note: If you do not see a LonWorks Integration object, follow the procedures in Adding a LonWorks integration object.
    Figure 2. Insert Field Device Wizard (Select Definition Mode)

  3. Select Assisted Device Definition and click Invoke Auto Discovery. The Wizard Auto Detect Utility starts. When Auto Discovery is complete, a list of discovered devices appears.
    Note: The network engine must have been commissioned on the LonWorks network. It must also be online with the LonWorks network of devices to use Auto Discovery.

    At this point, you may also select Manual Device Definition and proceed with manual item creation.

    Figure 3. Insert Field Device Wizard (Auto Detect Utility)

    Note: If the desired device does not appear, verify that the device has been added and commissioned to the same LonWorks database as the engine.
  4. Select a device from the list. This starts the Insert Field Device Wizard Identifier screen.
    Figure 4. Insert Field Device Wizard (Identifier)

  5. Enter an identifier for the device that is unique on this LonWorks trunk.

    Always replace the existing default identifier found in the identifier box because this is the generic device-type name and may not be unique on the trunk. Identifier names are limited to 32 characters.

    The identifier you enter is displayed in the device’s Advanced Focus view under the Engineering Values - Item Reference listing.

    The DSN number in the identifier is used to identify which subnet a device is on when routers are present. The DSN number is removable.

  6. Click Next and the Insert Field Device Wizard Configure screen appears.
    Figure 5. Insert Field Device Wizard (Configure)

  7. Enter a name unique to the site into the Object Name box, enter a description into the Object Description box (optional), and click Next. The Insert Field Device Wizard Summary screen appears.
    Note: The Object Name and Description you enter appears in the device’s Focus view – Object section.
    Figure 6. Insert Field Device Wizard (Summary)

  8. Review the configuration information. Click Back to make any changes. Click Finish and the Extension Wizard appears.
  9. Add any extensions and click Done. This saves the field device’s configuration, and the Field Device Extension - Field Points screen appears. See Mapping Field Points in LonWorks devices using Auto Discovery in SMP.