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LonWorks Network Integration with Network Engines and LCS Technical Bulletin

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LonWorks Integration
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About this task

Once one or more integrated LonWorks device objects have been configured, you can add LonWorks Field Points, which map to network variables in the LonWorks device.

To map field points in LonWorks devices using Auto Discovery:

Note: The network engine must be online with the LonWorks network of devices in order to use Auto Discovery. If you are mapping points offline, see Manually mapping Field Points in LonWorks enabled devices.


  1. On the Insert Menu, select Field Point. The Insert Point Wizard Destination screen appears.
    Note: The Insert Point Wizard starts automatically after inserting a Field Device. Since it selects the newly added device as the destination, the wizard opens to the Select Definition Mode screen, bypassing the Destination screen.
    Figure 1. Insert Point Wizard (Destination)

  2. Select the LonWorks device from which you want to map the points and click Next. The Insert Point Wizard Select Definition Mode screen appears.
    Note: If you do not see a device to select, click the plus sign next to the LonWorks Integration object to open the list of mapped LonWorks devices.
    Figure 2. Insert Point Wizard (Select Definition Mode)

  3. Select Assisted Point Definition and click Invoke Auto Discovery. The Wizard Auto Detect Utility starts.
    Figure 3. Insert Point Wizard (Auto Detect Utility)


    • When Auto Discovery is complete, a list of discovered LonWorks network variables appears. The fields are automatically filled with the auto-discovered data from the LonWorks device and its resource files.
    • Each network engine has a limited number of objects it can discover at one time. If you have more than the limit, you need to perform subsequent discoveries until all objects are accounted for. The SMP UI keeps track of multiple Auto Discoveries by incrementing the pages displayed.
  4. Close the window by clicking the x in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  5. Click Next. The Point Mapping Utility screen appears. Use this screen to select which point objects/fields you want to map as points from your LonWorks device.
    Figure 4. Insert Point Wizard (Point Mapping Utility)

  6. Select Map All to map all discovered LonWorks network variables as integrated LonWorks point objects (1,000 child object limit). You may also select network variables individually for mapping by clicking them. A green check mark is placed next to the selected network variable, and the right side of the screen displays the newly selected network variable ready for mapping. At this point, you have the option to change the point object name and object type on the right side of the screen.
    Note: Previously mapped network variables are noted by a blue check mark.
    Figure 5. Insert Point Wizard (Point Mapping Utility – Map All)

  7. Select all the network variables you want to map, and then click Next. The Insert Point Wizard Summary screen appears.
    Figure 6. Insert Point Wizard (Summary)

  8. Review the Summary screen and click Finish.