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Manually mapping LonWorks Field Points or Network Variables (NVs) is considered an advanced procedure and requires an experienced operator.

To map LonWorks Field Points manually:

  1. On the Insert Menu, select Field Point. The Insert Point Wizard Destination screen appears.
    Note: The Insert Field Points Wizard starts automatically after inserting a Field Device. Since it selects the newly added device as the destination, the wizard opens to the Select Definition Mode screen, bypassing the Destination screen. Manual point insertion that does not follow automatic device insertion displays the Insert Point Wizard Destination screen first.
    Figure 1. Manual Insert Point Wizard (Destination screen)

  2. Select the LonWorks device from which you want to map the points and click Next. The Insert Point Wizard Select Definition Mode screen appears.
    Figure 2. Manual Insert Point Wizard (Select Definition)

  3. Click Manual; the screen changes to the manual mode with a list of point object types that you can add.
    Note: Manual Point Definition can be distinguished from the Assisted Point Definition by the list of steps on the left side of the screen. In Manual Point Definition, a Data Source step is added and the Identify and Configure steps are separate. LonWorks devices are added during the Mapping LonWorks devices using Auto Discovery in SMP procedure. If you do not see a selectable device, click the plus sign next to the LonWorks Integration object to open the list of mapped LonWorks devices.
    Figure 3. Manual Insert Point Wizard (Select Definition Mode)

  4. Select the type of point you wish to create and click Next. The remaining steps of the Insert Point Wizard manual mode are listed in Table 1.
    Table 1. Insert Point Wizard - manual mode screens



    Data Source

    Enter the index of the field point or NV you are mapping. This index must be Point.x or NV.x.x, where x = the Target Reference Number. See Table 1 in the Mapping internal points of LN Series controllers section for additional Target Reference structures. The Target Reference Number must correspond to the point or NV index in the host LonWorks enabled device. You can find the Target Reference Number in the LN-Builder Nv Attributes tab of the properties box for that NV. For structured SNVTs, use LN Browser in addition to the Attributes tab to identify the SNVT part that is needed (such as NV.12.3). For more information on Target References, see Target Reference.


    Enter a unique name (within the device) for the field point or NV you are mapping.


    Enter the field point or NV. The Hardware tab of the Configuration Screen displays the Target Reference Number.


    View a summary of the information that you have entered. If anything looks wrong, press the Back key and make corrections.

  5. When finished with the Wizard, click Finish.