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LonWorks Network Integration with Network Engines and LCS Technical Bulletin

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About this task

Note: If you insert a resource file for a device that has already been mapped, you must restart the network engine. A restart is not required if the resource file is added before the device is mapped. It is best practice to add resource files offline in SCT and then download the engine.

See Resource files for more information about resource files.

To insert resource files:


  1. Click the LON Trunk in the Navigation Tree – All Items.
  2. On the Action menu, select Show Extensions. The Extension Wizard main screen appears.
    Note: The NV Configuration Data file shown in Figure 1 was created automatically when you completed the steps in Adding a LonWorks integration object.
    Figure 1. Extension Wizard (main screen)

  3. Click the New button on the right of the Resource area. The Insert Resource File Wizard Select File screen appears.
    Figure 2. Insert Resource File Wizard (Select file)

  4. Click Browse. The Open screen appears.
    Figure 3. Insert Resource File Wizard (Open)

  5. Browse to the folder with the resource files, and click a required resource file in the list for its name to appear in the File name field of the Open screen.
    Note: The STANDARD.TYP and STANDARD.FPT resource files are required and must be added to the LonWorks Integration object. Engines at firmware version 8.1 or lower are compatible with STANDARD Resource Files version 13.10. Engines at firmware version 9.0 or higher support STANDARD Resource Files version 15.00.
  6. Click Open
  7. Click Next, and the Configure screen appears.
    Figure 4. Insert Resource File Wizard (Configure)

    Note: Use the original file name for future traceability. However, you can enter a different name if desired, and the Select File screen reappears with the selected name displayed.
  8. Click Next, and the Select File screen reappears with, and the Summary screen appears.
    Figure 5. Insert Resource File Wizard (Summary)

  9. Review the information in the Summary screen. If any changes are needed, click Back. If no changes are needed, click Finish. The Extension Wizard screen appears with the newly added resource file. Repeat this process until all required resource files have been added.
    Note: Once you have added all required resource files, use the network engine Archive command to save the changes.
    Figure 6. Extension Wizard (Add Extensions)

  10. Click Done to exit the Extension Wizard.
  11. Use SCT to upload the archive and save a copy of the database that includes all inserted resource files.