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LonWorks Network Integration with Network Engines and LCS Technical Bulletin

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LonWorks Integration
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About this task

The following process is generally applicable to online configuration in the SMP or offline configuration in SCT.

Note: There are no Engineering or Diagnostics views when using SCT, as these are online features. To use Auto Discovery, you must be online with a network engine and its LonWorks network of devices.
Note: The LonWorks drivers activate after you add a Lon Integration object. The engine does not communicate to the IP-852 or FT-10 networks until you add the Lon Integration object and the engine is either downloaded from SCT, or is online in SMP.

To add a LonWorks Integration object:


  1. On the Insert menu, select Integration. The Insert Integration Wizard Select Object Type screen appears.
    Figure 1. Insert Integration Wizard (Select Object Type Screen)

  2. Select LON Trunk and click Next. The Insert Integration Wizard Destination screen appears.
    Figure 2. Insert Integration Wizard (Destination screen)

  3. Select the network engine to which you want the LonWorks Integration object added and click Next. The Insert Integration Wizard Identifier screen appears.
    Figure 3. Insert Integration Wizard (Identifier screen)

  4. Enter a unique name for the LonWorks network of devices that you are integrating and click Next. The Insert Integration Wizard Configure screen appears.
    Note: It is best to keep this name as short as possible.
    Figure 4. Insert Integration Wizard (Configure screen)


    • You can view the Driver Name value by clicking the Hardware tab. The Driver Name value differs for engines with an FT-10 interface such as the SNE, SNC, NAE, and engines with an IP-852 interface, such as the LCS. For all SNEs, SNCs, and NAEs, the Driver Name value displays lpcdrv (Figure 5). For the LCS85, the Driver Name value displays 852drv.
    • In SCT, the LonWorks Integration has the driver name lpcdrv when LonWorks Integration is added to the LCS85. When the database is downloaded to the LCS85, the driver name is automatically changed. Once the database is uploaded to SCT, the name changes to 852drv.
    Figure 5. Insert Integration Wizard (Configure screen, Hardware tab)

  5. Click Next to accept the defaults. The Insert Integration Wizard Summary screen appears.
    Note: In most cases, you can accept the default Configuration parameters.
    Figure 6. Insert Integration Wizard (Summary screen)

    Note: If you need to change anything, click Back.
  6. Click Finish to create the LonWorks Integration object and display the Extension Wizard.
    Figure 7. Extension Wizard


    • At this time, you can add resource files, trend, totalization, or alarm extensions to the new LonWorks Integration object.
    • The NV Configuration Data file shown in Figure 7 is created automatically, but you must update it with the correct configuration data using a network configuration tool, such as LN Builder. See Defining a network engine in the LonWorks database.
  7. Add all required resource files. See the Inserting resource files section for details.
  8. Add any desired alarm extensions and click Done when finished. The Insert Integration Wizard closes.