Guidelines for network partitioning - Johnson Controls - LIT-1201668 - System Integration - LonWorks Integration - 12.0

LonWorks Network Integration with Network Engines and LCS Technical Bulletin

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Consider the following when you partition a network:

  • The LNS computer must sit on both networks.

  • Only one Loytec L-IP router can be designated as the Configuration Server for each ANSI/CTA-852 channel.

  • The Loytec L-IP router can be mounted in the server enclosure. As an example, Channel 2 shows a Loytec L-IP router near the LCS85 server at address This router has no nodes attached.

  • The Loytec L-IP router designated Configuration Server may or may not have nodes attached. The device functions primarily as a LonWorks IP router, but has configuration server capabilities. Using it in the field as a router and as the Configuration Server utilizes the full capability of the device.

  • Systems are based on network addresses. Therefore, the logical organization (such as the example in Figure 1) may not match the physical location of the network.

  • The communication in a partitioned system is divided. In the Figure 1 example, the left LCS85 (at address communicates only with Ethernet routers,,,, and The right LCS85 communicates only with Ethernet routers,,,, and Binding and other data sharing cannot occur between these two systems. Any data sharing between the two groups can only be done with the Metasys system through an Application and Data Server (ADS), or Extended Application and Data Server (ADX).