ANSI/CTA-852 configuration server - Johnson Controls - LIT-1201668 - System Integration - LonWorks Integration - 12.0

LonWorks Network Integration with Network Engines and LCS Technical Bulletin

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LonWorks Integration
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Technical Bulletin
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The Configuration Server is a critical part of any ANSI/CTA-852 channel. It tracks all of the devices belonging to a channel and ensures that each device communicates with all other devices on that channel. If all devices are in communication, they can route traffic to each other.

In an LCS85 flat LonWorks system, you can use either the Loytec L-IP router or the Echelon Configuration Server. Unlike the Echelon Configuration Server, each L-IP router can only manage a single ANSI/CTA-852 channel.


  • Echelon and Adept Systems routers are compatible with both the Loytec Configuration Server and the Echelon Configuration Server.
  • For full functionality, settings must be adjusted in the Gesytec Easylon IP Interface Configuration Utility, depending on the Configuration Server you are using. See Appendix: LCS85 Gesytec 852 Configuration Settings for details.