LNS 3.x prior to LNS Turbo or later Edition - Johnson Controls - LIT-1201668 - System Integration - LonWorks Integration - 12.0

LonWorks Network Integration with Network Engines and LCS Technical Bulletin

Johnson Controls
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LonWorks Integration
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Technical Bulletin
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There are two options if the site is using LNS 3.x:

  • Loytec NIC-852

The Loytec NIC-852 driver consists of software and a dongle (required for licensing). In the setup utility for the driver, you must enter the address and port for the Configuration Server.

  • Upgrade to LNS Turbo or later Edition

The other option is to upgrade the site to LNS Turbo or later Edition network operating system, with its integral 852 driver. Once a database is opened with LNS Turbo or later Edition, it is converted to the new format. However, consider this option carefully because no utilities are yet developed to revert a database back to the previous format.