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Table 1 defines the Easylon IP Interface Configuration window settings.

Go to Configuring the LCS85 for use with the Loytec configuration server or Configuring the LCS85 for use with the Echelon configuration server, depending on the configuration server you are using, and follow all directions in that section. See Table 1 as necessary as you configure the LCS85.

Table 1. IP Interface Field Definitions



Device Name

User-defined name that identifies the device.

Note: The Loytec L-IP embedded configuration server updates the members list using this name.

Config Server Address

Address of the Configuration Server. Must be user configured.

Config Server Port

Port used by the Configuration Server. Must match what is defined in the IP-852 Configuration Server. The default value is 1629 but may be changed.

852 Interface Address

IP Address of the LCS which must be selected from the pulldown menu. The same address must be entered in the IP-852 Configuration Server members list.

852 Interface Port

Port used by the 852 Interface. Must match what is defined in the IP-852 Configuration Server members list. The default is 1628 but may be changed.

RNI Interface Port

Port used by the installed Remote Network Interface. The default is 49852 and should not be changed.


Enables Multicast support to deliver one packet to a group of IP hosts. The default is unchecked.

Multicast Address

If the Multicast option is selected, this IP address is used for the multicast group.

Multicast Port

If the Multicast option is selected, this port is used for the multicast group.

Enable Soft License

This option must be checked to use a software license.


A unique 12-digit hexadecimal Neuron Identifier used by LNS to commission and set the Domain Subnet Node address of the LCS. The default value is 000000000000 (12 zeros), but it may be pre-configured.


MAC Address of the Network Interface that is defined by the 852 Interface setting in the IP Configuration setting.


The license key that is generated by Gesytec licensing and is tied to the Node-Id and MAC Address. If the Node-Id or MAC Address changes, then the licensing is not valid and the 852 driver does not function.

Debug Output

Used for troubleshooting purposes only. The default is unchecked.

Debug Mask

When Debug Output is selected, this is a user-defined value (in hex).


Groups multiple CEA-709 packets into a single IP packet. When checked, a value must be entered in ms to define how long the driver waits before sending the IP packet. The default is unchecked.

Note: Although aggregation can improve throughput, care must be taken when configuring this setting. A long delay can cause LCS devices to go offline intermittently.

Multicast -TTL

Multicast Time-To-Live specifies the number of router hops that multicast traffic is permitted to pass through before expiring on the network. The default is 64.

Config Server Pollinterval

How often, in seconds, the driver checks to see if the Configuration Server is online.

Enable Channelrouting

When selected, IP packets are routed to the correct destination.

Wants all packets

When selected, the 852 driver receives all packets.

Load saved channel config

Defines whether or not the 852 driver loads the saved channel configuration settings. This setting varies depending on the configuration server being used.

MD5 Authentication

When selected, enables encryption. The default is unchecked.

Shared Secret

When MD5 Authentication is selected, this user-defined value encrypts packets over the LonWorks IP Network and all IP 852 members must be configured with the same setting.

Hide Console

Hides the console from Desktop view. The default is checked.

Automatic Start

Must be enabled for proper LCS operation. The default is checked.

as Service

Must be enabled for proper LCS operation. The 852 driver starts as a service, removing the need for a user to be logged in to the LCS. The default is checked.

Apply button

Saves the settings and starts the 852 driver.

Cancel button

Reverts any unsaved settings back to the previous value.

Stop App.

Stops the 852 driver.


Displays the executed commands.