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LonWorks Network Integration with Network Engines and LCS Technical Bulletin

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About this task

The LonWorks Interfaces (also referred to as the Open LDV Network Driver by Echelon) must be installed on a computer that is running LNBuilder using an IP-852 connection.

Important: Skip this section if LN-Builder (or another LNS Network Management Tool) is not using an IP-852 connection.

You must have a functioning configuration server set up before you configure LonWorks Interfaces. Follow all directions in Configuring the Loytec configuration server or Configuring the Echelon configuration server, depending on the configuration server you are using, before completing the steps in this section.

  1. Go to Control Panel > LonWorks Interfaces. The LonWorks Interfaces window opens.
  2. Select Interface > Add to see the interfaces you may add.
    Note: Though not shown in Figure 1, the USB Interface automatically appears in the list when it is connected.
    Figure 1. LonWorks Interfaces

  3. Select IP-852 Interface from the menu. The IP-852 properties appear in the right pane of the window (Figure 2).
    Figure 2. Adding an IP-852 Interface

  4. Ensure that the IP address and port are correct. The IP Address field defaults to the IP address defined for the computer and the port defaults to 1628. This port must match the port defined in the routers. Any changes are saved automatically.
  5. Click View and enable the Diagnostics pane if it is not already enabled. The Diagnostics pane displays the results of the connection when you test the communication between the configuration server and the device.
  6. Select the device in the left pane and click Test. The IP-852 Configuration Server Properties dialog box appears.
  7. Select the check box and enter the IP address and port of your configuration server.
    Figure 3. IP-852 Configuration Server Properties Window

  8. Click OK. The dialog box disappears and the diagnostics pane displays the message The test has started. Waiting for reply from IP-852 Configuration Server.

    If the configuration server and the device are communicating properly, the message IP-852 Test completed successfully displays. If you do not receive this message, issue the Update Members command if you are using the Echelon Configuration Server, or issue the Recontact command if you are using the Loytec Configuration Server, and then run the test again.

    The LonWorks Interfaces are properly configured when the test completes successfully.