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LN Series Communicating Sensors Installation Instructions

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Table 1. LN-SVSENx-0 Sensor Error Code Interpretation
Error Code Possible Cause Solution
Clock icon flashing for 15 seconds Cannot communicate with controller. Wait for the communication link to the controller to be established.
After 15 seconds: flashing error code 1 with Bell icon Verify wiring.
Verify that all LN-SVSENx-0 sensor Subnet IDs are unique to this controller. See Setting the LN Communicating Sensor Subnet ID.
Flashing error code 2 with Bell icon Invalid configuration. In the LN-GPI program, re-synchronize the code with the controller. Contact Johnson Controls support.
Flashing error code 3 with Bell icon LN-SVSENx-0 sensor is not properly configured in the controller. With the Graphical Programming Interface program, check the configuration of the sensor; for example, is it enabled? Refer to the GPI Help for more information.