Troubleshooting - Johnson Controls - LIT-12011795 - Field Device

LN Series Communicating Sensors Installation Instructions

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Table 1. Troubleshootingthe LN-SVSENx-0 Sensor
LN-SVSENx-0 Sensor screen is blank and backlight is off
Problem Solution
Is the LN-SVSENx-0 sensor connected to the controller? Verify that the LN-SVSENx-0 sensor is connected to the controller and that the patch cables are plugged in to the connectors. See Installation.
Is power being supplied to the controller? There may be no power being supplied from the controller. Check if the controller has power or if the controller’s internal fuses have blown or tripped.
Is the cable connected to the controller and LN-SVSENx-0 sensor? Verify wiring.
Was the patch cable made onsite? Verify that the RJ-45 crimp connectors are installed on the cable correctly. See Connection Cable.
LN-SVSENx-0 Sensor screen is blank and backlight is on for 30 to 45 seconds — Normal Operation
Firm upgrade in progress Wait for the upgrade to complete. Do not disconnect the LN-SVSENx-0 sensor from the controller as the upgrade will restart once it is reconnected.
Device not communicating with controller
Is the address correctly set to a unique address? Each LN-SVSENx-0 sensor must be set to a unique address for each controller. See Setting the LN Communicating Sensor Subnet ID.
Is the device too far from the controller? Verify the distance between the device and the controller. See Figure 4.
Is there a configuration problem? With the LN-GPI program, check the configuration of the sensor; for example, is it enabled? You must configure the device properly in the software plug-in or wizard.
Have the subnetwork EOL settings been set correctly? Only the last LN-SVSENx-0 sensor must have its EOL termination set to ON. See Figure 7 and Figure 8. When one or more LN-IOE4x0-0 I/O Modules are connected to the controller, only the last LN-IOE4x0-0 must have its EOL termination set to ON. See Figure 9.