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LN Series Communicating Sensors Installation Instructions

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Connect the LN-SVSENx-0 sensor to the controller with a standard Category 5e Ethernet patch cable fitted with RJ-45 connectors.

Important: If you make your own patch cable, use Category 5e cable and crimp the RJ-45 connector at both ends of the cable either as T568A or T568B.
Table 1. T568A and T568B Terminations for a RJ-45 Connector
Pin T568A (at both cable ends) T568B (at both cable ends)
  Pair Color Pair Color
1 3 white/green stripe 2 white/orange stripe
2 3 green solid 2 orange solid
3 2 white/orange stripe 3 white/green stripe
4 1 blue solid 1 blue solid
5 1 white/blue stripe 1 white/blue stripe
6 2 orange solid 3 green solid
7 4 white/brown stripe 4 white/brown stripe
8 4 brown solid 4 brown solid
Figure 5 shows the result of a crimped RJ-45 connector.
Figure 1. T568A and T568B Crimp Wire Sequence for an RJ-45 Connector

Figure 2. Pins on RJ-45 Jack Face

Patch cables fitted with connectors that Johnson Controls supplies are wired as T568B.