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LN Series Communicating Sensors Installation Instructions

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The LN Series Communicating Sensors (LN-SVSEN-0 and LN-SVSENH-0) are designed to interface with the LN Series Variable Air Volume controllers (LN-VAVCF-12) and the LN Series Free Programmable Controllers (LN-PRGxxx-12 versions). The two models of LN Communicating Sensors provide precision local temperature sensing, system status information, and a variety of control functions. In addition, the LN-SVSENH-0 model allows you to monitor humidity level.

Through the user-friendly interface, you can view and adjust environmental settings. You can view the temperature, adjust the setpoint, and apply occupancy overrides.

With the Graphical Programming Interface (GPI) programming tool, you can create display control features that use all the LN Communicating Sensor capabilities. The LN Communicating Sensor capabilities include a Leaf Icon that displays the efficiency of your setpoints.

The leaf icon displays one to four leaves (Figure 1). Four leaves on the leaf icon denotes that your setpoint is set to the highest energy efficiency, three leaves denotes higher energy efficiency, two leaves denotes moderate energy efficiency, and one leaf denotes low energy efficiency. Also, a five-character alpha numeric display shows messages.

Figure 1. Leaf Icon

The password-protected technician mode allows you to perform commissioning and troubleshooting. Also, you can use the LN Communicating Sensors as a handheld tool to select appropriate controller applications for HVAC equipment to be controlled, to perform air balancing of the system, and for troubleshooting.

The LN-SVSEN-0 and LN-SVSENH-0 sensors are also used to configure applications in the LN-VAVCF-12 controller. For information, refer to the LN Series Variable Air Volume (VAV) LN-VAVCF-12 Controller Installation Instructions (LIT-12011802).