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You can use the Ontology Trees tab to arrange project equipment in the Professional Productivity Tool interface so that it reflects the arrangement of the equipment in reality.

You can then export this arrangement to Johnson Controls Enterprise Management as part of a Professional Productivity Tool database. In Johnson Controls Enterprise Management, ontology trees become space trees. These are the same hierarchical representations of equipment. For more information about space trees in Johnson Controls Enterprise Management, see section 2 in the Johnson Controls Enterprise Management Configuration Guide (LIT-12012432) .
  • The Located In ontology tree represents the physical location of equipment
  • The Serves Spaces ontology tree displays each item of equipment and the space it serves. Spaces are sections of a building, such as a wing.
  • The Serves Equipment ontology tree displays how equipment serves other equipment.

You must enter metadata for each building in the Ontology tree pane. You can view the ontology trees when you click the Ontology Trees tab in the right column beside the Equipment Area pane.