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Johnson Controls Enterprise Management: Professional Productivity Tool Guide

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Johnson Controls Enterprise Management
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The Equipment Area pane contains multiple equipment tabs with information about each piece of equipment and the points that belong to it. The equipment tabs in this view come from the equipment Excel input file, POXOP_Equipment_Rev#_#_#, that you use to create the project. The equipment file comprises of the equipment and points data in the Johnson Controls Enterprise Management environment.

The Graphical View option displays the content of one row of the Working Area, which represents one piece of Johnson Controls Enterprise Management equipment.

The Graphical View has more space to configure individual pieces of equipment and makes the assessment and configuration easier, especially when you want to configure larger equipment such as air handling units and roof top units.

The extra space in the Graphical View also makes it possible to display both visible and hidden points on the far right of the screen, with a scrollable grid view.

Note: To see hidden information in the grid view, right-click the column headers and select the column that you want to view.