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The All Objects tab includes comprehensive information about all objects in the project.

Most objects are points, but some may be trends. Out-of-scope objects are not visible in this tab. An object is out-of-scope when it is available on the site, but Johnson Controls Enterprise Management does not use it. The Professional Productivity Tool determines if objects are out-of-scope with a combination of templates and filters. The items in the All Objects tab are in sync with the Project Tree View. To select an item in either the Project Tree View or the All Objects tab forces the same object to display in the other view. You can perform complex features such as sort and filter in the All Objects tab. This tab is very useful when you must look for specific data.

Note: Several columns in the All Objects tab are not visible by default. You can right-click the column header to hide or show columns. The columns not visible by default are further cryptic Johnson Controls data values that correlate with the data that is in the visible columns.