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The Submittal Data Report is a summary of the comprehensive Assessment Data Report. It is a useful indicator of how much work a project requires.

About this task

The Assessment Summary Window contains several tabs that display a summary of the project and the impact on the Johnson Controls system.

Figure 1. Assessment summary window

The most useful tab for the initial assessment is the System Capacities tab. The System Capacities tab displays a rapid indication of the engine loading. A green status indicates that an engine can accommodate all the new points, a yellow status indicates that it may be possible for an engine to accommodate all the new points even though they exceed its capacity, and a red status indicates that the engine cannot accommodate all the new points. The other tabs contain useful feedback about the site that may determine that for the fault diagnostics, you can ignore some equipment and points.

The Submittal Data Report contains enough information to create an initial Presto file.

Table 1. Submittal Data Report Information
Inventory Summary Device, trunk and object count. Check this to ensure that you capture all necessary objects.
Equipment Summary Confirms PPT has found all the equipment it requires.
Advanced Analytics Summary Lists the number of devices that can satisfy the point requirement.
Proposed Site Point Modifications Count of new points and trends necessary to satisfy the analytics.
Energy/Equipment Point Counts Count of existing Meter and Equipment equipments, along with current and expected meter and equipment point counts.
Compliant JEM licenses Lists available licenses that support the existing meters and points, and the licenses that can support the point count revision.
Note: If this level of licensing is not available on JEM, the data ingestion fails for all meters and points.
Supervisory Device Check Lists the devices that can support the changes and those that cannot.
  • Green indicates the device can support the changes.
  • Yellow indicates a marginal change for a device that already exceeds the limit.
  • Red indicates that the device cannot accommodate the changes.
Unusual Points

These are point types that are necessary for some analytics that are not present on any of the equipment that relates to them. They do not appear in the Proposed Site Point Modifications list.

Unidentified items Items of equipment and points that do not map in PPT display here. A large number in this section may indicate that a thorough assessment is necessary.

To create a Submittal Data Report, complete the following steps:


  1. Select Assessment Summary Window from the Action menu.
  2. Click Export Submittal Data to Excel to summarize, export, and save Submittal Data. The file opens automatically in Excel.
  3. Click Save to save the file in the project folder's Export folder.
    Note: You may need to repeat this process several times and make changes to the filters to export the Submittal Data to Excel.


You can now view your Submittal Data Report. Next, you must complete a comprehensive assessment of the project to ensure that all data is correct.