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It is easier to configure meters in the Professional Productivity Tool than in Johnson Controls Enterprise Management. For more information about meters in Johnson Controls Enterprise Management, see the Johnson Controls Enterprise Management Configuration Guide (LIT-12012432) .

About this task

If meter points are in an energy folder under the supervisory device, or if several meter points exist on a single controller, you can select multiple points to create a meter object. You can also select pulse meter objects that contain consumption and demand data from the Meter Wizard and use these objects to create a meter for JEM. This is the only way to configure a pulse meter with the Professional Productivity Tool.

To use the Meter Wizard to configure meters with demand or consumption points, complete the following steps:


  1. Select Meter Wizard from the Action Menu. This populates the Equipment Area tab with meter tabs.
  2. For an electric meter, select EM from the Possible Meter Type column filter drop-down list in the Data Source pane.
  3. Select either Demand or Consumption from the Typical Point drop-down filter in the Data Source pane.
  4. Hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and select all rows. These rows must be of the same point type. For example, if you select Demand, then all of the rows must contain demand points.
  5. In the Electric Meter tab, drag and drop the rows that you select from the Data Source area to the Equipment Area section. The Meter Wizard pop-up displays.
  6. Select the point type from the Selected Point Type drop-down list. A warning displays if the point unit of measure does not match the point type that you select.
  7. Select the Create Unique Meter FQR check box in the Meter Wizard and click OK.
  8. Repeat this process with text filters in the Meter Description and Meter Name fields to configure the other meter types.


The Meter Wizard configures your meters with demand or consumption points in PPT.