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Point cells in the equipment area use a combination of color codes and symbols to convey information.

Table 1. Point Cell Key
Indicator Description
Bullet When you populate a cell, either by dragging or selecting it from the Point List feature, the Bullet indicates that the user selects it. Performing further populate actions does not overwrite this entry.
Black text Indicates when you populate cells. A bullet appears when you manually drag a point or use the Point List selection option to fill in a point cell. You cannot overwrite these cells using the Populate feature.
Blue text Indicates more than one entry. Duplicate entries can occur when a filter matches more than one point on a controller. To modify these entries, right-click the Select Point feature or update the filter set and repopulate.
Red background Indicates that the Application requires a cell that combines the Application Requirements and user selection. It also indicates if you right-click on a column and mark it in-scope, but do not define a point. Points that the user defines display in the scope column with an exclamation mark and an asterisk, !*, instead of an exclamation point, !.
Green background Indicates the cell and point that this specific point column and equipment row require.
White background Indicates optional cells. These cells are not necessary for any of the Application features, but are useful for troubleshooting faults. For example, a combination of air temperature on AHUs, and discharge air temperature on VAVs.
Gray background Indicates a cell is out-of-scope and that the New Points tab in the Assessment Summary Window window does not include the cell. Right-click on a cell and select Ignore Application Requirement to mark it out-of-scope. This feature is useful in situations such as when VAV box only has a cooling function, and therefore has no Heating Output value.