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You can create a Professional Productivity Tool Backup file of your project.

About this task

It is good practice to create project database backups in the Professional Productivity Tool. You can use these to share work with other users or recover work from a backup file. It is a good idea to create an Assessment Backup after you complete the assessment summary in the Professional Productivity Tool.

To create a PPT Project Backup file, complete the following steps:


  1. From the File menu, select Create PPT Project Backup.
  2. Select Assessment Backup in the pop-up to save a backup in the project Assessment Backup folder.
  3. Click Create.


You will be prompted for a folder location. Check very carefully that the folder you chose is the correct one. Ideally use the backups folder under your project to keep your files together. The backup file name is fixed and starts with the date and time you are taking the backup.

Next, you can enable Commissioning Mode to view the Equipment Area pane and the Ontology trees tab at the same time.