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  1. Select all three of the files you have just downloaded - they are likely to be the top three of the list. You may use the normal Ctrl or Shift keys.
    If you have downloaded all three files at the same time, you can use the time stamps to help you to identify the series. There are three different file types to download and you will be warned until you select three different file types.
    Note: You must ensure the files that you select are the correct three files and file types.
  2. When the three files are selected, click Load. This will copy the files from your user downloads folder to C:\ProgramData\Johnson Controls\PPT\ProjectsFromJEM\<Portfolio>\Downloads_<DataCollector>_<DataSource>.
    Note: The files are stored here so that you may copy them back to the user Downloads folder if you have to start over, and have deleted them from the user Downloads folder.
  3. The files will then be pre-processed to establish which Data Collector/Data Source, Locations, and ADX are to be used. At this point you should make sure you have the expected items. The working files are stored in the folder: …PPT\ProjectsFromJEM\<Portfolio>.
  4. The Portfolio name and a list of Locations that have points mapped will be displayed.
    Ensure that you have the correct Portfolio, Data Source/Data Collector, ADX name, and expected Locations that have points mapped in JEM.
  5. Click Process.
  6. After processing, the key output file that PPT will use to create your new project will be under the same folder and called: …PPT\ProjectsFromJEM\<Portfolio>\<Portfolio>_<DC>_<DS>_Final.xlsx.
    Where <Portfolio> is the site Portfolio Name and <DC> is the Data Collector and <DS> is the Data Source used. This is the file you will select when PPT is ready to process.
    Note: For a large site with multiple data collectors there will be a set of files for each Data Collector/Data Source combination that you have downloaded under the same <Portfolio> folder.
    • A file that can be useful is: …\PPT\<Portfolio>\<Portfolio>_<DataCollector>_<DataSource>_ProjectTreeWithBuildings.xlsx. This file may be used by PPT to kick start the Space creation during the Project creation phase.
    • Other files are generated that are stored under ...PPT\ProjectsFromJEM\<Portfolio>\Lists. These files are the NAE Engine list and Mapped, Configured and Unconfigured Point Lists.
    • Processing time will vary depending on the number of points. During processing a message is displayed to let you know what is going on.
    • Should the scrub find issues it cannot handle these are logged to the log file …PPT\ProjectsFromJEM\_Logs\ScrubJEMExportLog <month> <day>.txt.