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  1. Log into JEM with administrator rights and select SetUp and Auto Configuration.
  2. Select the required Data Collector and Data Source.
  3. Click the Download button for each of the three files [Download file for PPT], [Download JEM Template] and [Download Data Source].
  4. Close the UI window when the spinning icon no longer displays.


These files will be created in your computer users Downloads folder. Make a note of the names along the bottom of the JEM UI window, and the time that you downloaded them, so that you can find them again in the Scrub Tool.
Note: In this section, <Portfolio> is the current name of your portfolio in JEM
Table 1. Files downloaded to your computer
Files Purpose
<Portfolio>.CSV Contains a list all the Data Collectors and Data Sources in your Portfolio. This file is used by PPT later during the Export phase.

Actual JEM configuration data. This is processed by the Scrub tool to create a file to be used by PPT.


The current JEM equipment template file. May be used later by PPT to update a modified JEM configuration.

Note: Often there will be numbers like (1), (2) or (12) etc. at the end of the file name. This is a feature of Windows to allow you to download files without having an intermediate prompt to change the file name. These numbers are ignored by the Scrub Tool.