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Johnson Controls Enterprise Management: Professional Productivity Tool Guide

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  1. Start PPT and select Large Project from the JEM icon on the Welcome screen.
    Note: If you do not use the Welcome screen, select File then Close Project and the welcome screen will appear.

    The file selection window will start with the view under ...\PPT\ProjectsFromJEM

  2. Select the folder with the <Portfolio> name you intend to process.
  3. Select the file ending in _Final.xslx.
    If the site has multiple Data Collectors/Data Sources then the PPT will see multiple _Final files. Make sure you select the correct one – the format is <Portfolio>_<DC>_<DS>_Final.xlsx.
  4. The PPT steps are now the same:
    1. Select the SCT archive; provide a unique project name, and the Prepare Project Tree steps display.
    2. The Create Project Tree window displays.
    3. Click the Import Project Structure and select the appropriate file: <Portfolio>_<DataCollector>_<DataSource>_ProjectTreeWithBuildings.xlsx.
    4. Drag the NAE’s that you want to use.
      Note: A list of mapped NAEs is available in the Lists folder.
    5. Click Proceed and wait for the project to be built.