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About this task

You can save modifications to a profile and export the changes to a zip file, which you can share with others or load into other Professional Productivity Tool projects.

To change the filters in a project for population, complete the following steps:


  1. Select Change Filters for Population from the Project Settings menu.
    Figure 1. Editing filters for population

  2. Review and modify the filters for controllers to equipment and points in the Edit Filter tab.
  3. Define unique filter sets for an integration on a supervisory device or at a site level in the Filter Management tab. Managing different filters across the project can help with large projects, where naming conventions are not consistent across the buildings.
    Figure 2. Editing filters for population: filter management

  4. Click Create New Filter to use more than one filter set.
  5. Expand the tree and select the node that you want to use as the new filter.
  6. Right-click the node and select the new filter from the list.

    When you select the different filters on the left, the items that show in a green highlight use that particular filter set.

    If you have multiple filters and want to edit the filters in the Edit Filter tab, select the filter on the left under Filter Management. The filter name appears on the Edit Filter tab.

    Note: You can save the filter changes to a profile and later export a zip file to share with others or load your changes on other PPT projects.


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