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Hx-68P3 Series Outside Humidity and Temperature Transmitters Installation Guide

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Hx-68P3 Series Outside Humidity and Temperature
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Installation Guide
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About this task

  • Electric Shock.Disconnect the power supply before making electrical connections to avoid electric shock. décharge électrique.Débrancher l'alimentation avant de réaliser tout raccordement électrique afin d'éviter tout risque de décharge électrique.

Location Considerations

  • Install the transmitter in a place that receives minimal direct sunlight.
  • Avoid placing the transmitter near windows, air conditioning units, or other heat and moisture sources such as cooling towers.
  • Install the transmitter at least 8 ft (2.5 m) above the ground.
    Important: To minimize the time spent working on a ladder, prepare the transmitter configuration and wiring before mounting the transmitter.
    Figure 1. Preparing the Transmitter for Mounting

  1. Loosen the six captive screws that hold the transmitter cover in place.
  2. Be sure the DIP switches are set to the desired setting. See DIP Switch Settings .
  3. Route the power and signal cable through the cable gland or the conduit adaptor to the screw terminals, and connect the wires.
  4. Disconnect the terminal block by pulling it away from the component board.
  5. Adjust the cable length between the cable gland and the terminal block. Make sure the cover closes without leaving a loop within the transmitter.
  6. Tighten the cable gland or conduit adaptor.
    Important: Do not attach the cover to the transmitter until the transmitter has been mounted on the pole or wall.