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HE-69xx0NP Duct Probe Humidity Element with Temperature Sensor Installation Guide

Johnson Controls
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HE-69xx0NP Series
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Installation Guide
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Before you begin

Risk of electric shock. Disconnect the power supply before making electrical connections. Contact with components carrying hazardous voltage can cause electric shock and result in severe personal injury or death.
Risque de décharge électrique. Débrancher l'alimentation avant de réaliser tout branchement électrique. Tout contact avec des composants conducteurs de tensions dangereuses risque d'entraîner une décharge électrique et de provoquer des blessures graves, voire mortelles.

About this task

For wiring, follow these guidelines:

  • Do not run low voltage wiring in the same conduit as line voltage wiring or other conductors that supply highly inductive loads.
  • Use 18 AWG or 24 AWG wire.
  • Make all wiring connections in accordance with the National Electrical Code and all local regulations.

To wire a Duct Probe model, complete the following steps:


  1. Route the wires from the controller to the unit through the conduit hole in the housing.
    Important: If you use a conduit fitting (not provided), a washer is provided to support the fitting in the housing. If you do not use the washer, the fitting could stress the plastic housing.
  2. Break out the conduit knockout from the cover with pliers to accommodate the wiring. See Figure 2.
  3. Connect the wires to the appropriate terminals of the wiring block. See Figure 3.
  4. Press the cover onto the base.
    Figure 1. Wiring the Duct Probe Humidity Element
    Table 1. Wiring the Duct Probe Humidity Element
    Number Description
    1 TEMP
    2 TEMP
    3 VOUT
    4 COM
    5 PWR