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GLAS Smart Thermostat Product Bulletin

Johnson Controls
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GLAS Smart Thermostat
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Product Bulletin
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Control view allows you to change your thermostat mode, change fan commands, and place your system in home or away states.

Note: Only the settings that work with your current HVAC system are available for selection on the control screen.
Figure 1. Control View

Table 1. Control View descriptions
Feature Description
1 Access media tray including Cortana, settings, notifications, Wi-Fi, volume, and brightness
2 Device keeps the space at the Home setpoints, depending on the schedule
3 Auto mode will heat and cool automatically to stay within the selected setpoints
4 Heat mode will heat to stay within the selected setpoints
5 The fan will run automatically when heating or cooling
6 Indicates when voice command is enabled and allows the microphone to be muted and un-muted
7 Device keeps the space at the Away setpoints
8 Off mode will keep your heating and cooling system off unless safety features are enabled and the heat or freeze protection temperatures are reached
9 Cool mode will cool to stay within the selected setpoints
10 Manually power on fan for air circulation with optional runtimes of 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, and Stay On