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GLAS Smart Thermostat Product Bulletin

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GLAS Smart Thermostat
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Product Bulletin
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The GLAS Smart Thermostat is a multifunctional device that enables comfortable and energy-efficient spaces. This room thermostat is designed to configure temperature controls, monitor air quality, and assist with energy savings in most residential and limited commercial applications. It offers a simple, state-of-the-art, 40% translucent, color touchscreen display that makes the user interface easy to navigate.

The translucent, color touchscreen on the device displays the current temperature, humidity, occupancy, heating or cooling status, date, and time. The display also includes local weather conditions and forecasts when connected to Wi-Fi.

The GLAS Smart Thermostat can be paired through Wi-Fi to receive access to the device through the user’s smart phone or tablet. The mobile application is compatible with iOS and Android smart phones and tablets. With the mobile app and optional voice control from Microsoft Cortana, control of GLAS is accessible from anywhere.

When connected to Wi-Fi, an integrated Microsoft Cortana® intelligent assistant allows optional voice control of GLAS through the device, the Cortana mobile app, or Cortana on your Windows PC. Additionally, with a Wi-Fi connection and a registered account, Google Assistant-enabled and Amazon Alexa-enabled devices can be connected to allow for remote voice control of the device.

GLAS functions not only as a smart thermostat, but also an air quality monitoring device. The digital thermostat includes indoor air quality measurements for total volatile organic compound (tVOC) and eCO2, as well as outdoor air quality measurements for Air Quality Index (AQI), UV index, and allergens when connected to Wi-Fi.

Figure 1. GLAS Smart Thermostat