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GLAS Smart Thermostat Product Bulletin

Johnson Controls
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GLAS Smart Thermostat
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Product Bulletin
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Wi-Fi Connectivity
Provides accessibility and control of the device through the user’s smart phone or tablet.
Cortana Voice Assistant
Integrated speaker and microphone allow you to manage the thermostat through voice control on the thermostat with a Microsoft account.
Amazon Echo® and Google Home® Integration
Connects GLAS through the Amazon Alexa or Google Home app to allow remote voice control of the thermostat.
Energy Reporting
When connected to Wi-Fi, the device displays hours of runtime and percentage of energy saved compared to a standard thermostat kept at the user’s home setpoints. When not connected to Wi-Fi, it displays only hours of equipment runtime.
Indoor Air Quality Monitoring
Integrated sensor for indoor air quality to monitor the average Total Volatile Organic Compounds (tVOC) and Equivalent Carbon Dioxide (eCO2).
Indoor Humidity Monitoring and Control
Integrated humidity sensor allows you to monitor relative humidity inside the space and provides an option to control when connected to a humidifier, dehumidifier, or ventilator. Automatic humidity setpoint selection is available when connected to Wi-Fi with a valid postal code.
Outdoor Air Quality Monitoring
When connected to Wi-Fi, provides level indicators of allergens (pollen), Air Quality Index (ozone, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, and sulfur dioxide), and UV index.
Outdoor Weather
When connected to Wi-Fi, based on postal code, provides forecast, real-time temperatures, wind speeds, and highs and lows for the day.
Fan Control
Provides a variety of fan options, including manual runtime, minimum hourly runtime, and smart circulation to save energy when air quality is good.
Seven Day Scheduling
Allows user to schedule one-time or reoccurring events. Events include Home, Away, and Sleep with defaulted temperature preferences that can be manually adjusted.
Integrated Occupancy Sensor
Reduces energy usage by adjusting heating or cooling based on detected space occupancy. Sensor can override scheduled events.
Integrated Proximity Sensor
Responds to movements and illuminates device for ease-of-use.
Vacation Mode
Create scheduled vacation events when space is unoccupied for an extended period of time.
Ease of Installation
Wire detection simplifies installation by detecting which of the wires are connected to the thermostat, as well as an included C-wire adapter for systems without a common (C) wire.
Automatic Upgrades
When connected to Wi-Fi, accepts over the air updates to keep functionality and security up to date.
Option to enable notifications, including; when to change air filter, HVAC service maintenance reminder, poor indoor air quality, and indoor temperature safety range.