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FS-1620 Class II Combination Fire/Smoke Dampers Catalog Page

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Specify the code number from the selection chart. For information about available combinations, contact your Johnson Controls® Representative. (Not all combinations are available.)

FS-1620 standard dampers are available in one inch increments. Actual damper size is 1/4 inch less than nominal. All Johnson Controls damper dimensions are from the outside edges of the damper frame.

All Johnson Controls Dampers are built to order, just in time, and cannot be returned due to customer ordering errors. All dampers are backed by a three-year warranty, which covers defects in materials or workmanship when used in our defined applications. Refer to terms and conditions of sale for specifics.

Table 1. FS-1620 Class II Combination Fire/Smoke Damper Selection Chart
Specification Code Number Field


T = Fire/Smoke


Blade Operation

O = Opposed


Blade Type

W = Triple-V


Heat-actuated Device

L = 165°F actuation

M = 212°F actuation

H = 250°F actuation


Actuator Type

A = 120 VAC 250°F, Two-Position

B = 24VAC 250°F, Two-Position

C = 120 VAC 350°F, Two-Position

D = 24 VAC 350°F, Two-Position

O = Pneumatic 250°F, Two-Position

P = Pneumatic 350°F, Two-Position

Width Dimensions

008 to 120, 1 inch increments

- www x
Height Dimensions

007 to 096, 1 inch increments


Factory-installed Options

See Factory Options list

Note: Fire/smoke dampers with 350° pneumatic or modulating actuators are limited to a maximum height of 48 inches.
Note: Maximum single panel size is 30 inches wide x 72 inches high.
Note: Standard actuator installation is outside the air stream mounted on the sleeve.

Example: TOWLA–020x020 is a Class II, 1 to 1/2 hour combination fire/smoke damper that has triple-vee blades, opposed blade operation, stainless steel bearings, dimensions are 20 inches wide x 20 inches high, with a 20 inch-long and 20 gauge sleeve, a 120 VAC electric actuator, and a 165°F electric fuse link.