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The FX Supervisory Plant Controller (SNC) Standard Control Panel is a prewired, preassembled standard control panel that contains an F4-SNC network engine.

Some panel models come with an F4-SNC network engine that has either an integral display or remote door-mounted display. Certain models also include an additional USB-to-LonWorks® (LON) adapter for LON applications. This predesigned solution avoids expensive and time-consuming field installations and inspections that save time and money.

The control panel comes assembled and mounted in a NEMA 1 steel enclosure. In addition to the engine, every assembly contains a power supply that incorporates a 5 A circuit breaker, a 96 VA 120/24 VAC transformer, and two 120 VAC outlets. Every panel includes a five-port Ethernet switch with transmission speeds of 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps, or 1000 Mbps. The F4-SNC Series of network control engines are Ethernet-based supervisory engines that connect building automation system (BAS) networks to IP networks. The F4-SNC Series Supervisory Plant Controller also features onboard inputs and outputs for direct control of equipment. The F4-SNC monitors and controls networks of field-level building automation devices that includes HVAC equipment, lighting, security, and fire safety equipment.

The sub-panel assembly contains all of the same mounted components as a comparable standard panel, but without the enclosure. Use the sub-panel assembly if it is critical to reserve the panel mounting location in the designated installation area that uses an empty enclosure. The panel field installer can add the sub-panel at a later date.

Additional NEMA ratings, enclosure materials, and customizations are available through the Custom Panel Group at