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Figure 1. Expansion panel

Expansion panels provide a platform for field-built custom or standard panel solutions. The control panel is pre-assembled and contains a power supply, wire management hardware, DIN rails, a perforated sub-panel, and a 24 VAC distribution terminal block that compresses the field assembly time. Digital controllers and other required components are obtained and installed separately.

The design of the Johnson Controls® panel enclosures provide a solid protection package for the intelligent devices in the building automation system. The National Electrical Manufacturers’ Association (NEMA) rated control panel enclosures increase flexibility and efficiency with installations. The control panel enclosures are compliant with UL and Canadian safety standards.

The NEMA/UL Type 1 rated enclosures include a silk-screened Johnson Controls logo and a lift-off door with a slotted latch.

The NEMA/UL Type 3R rated enclosures include a silk-screened Johnson Controls logo and a door on lift-off hinges with a draw pull latch. The draw pull latch enables the use of a padlock. The door is seam-free at the sides, front, and back and also has a drip-shield and gasket on top. The enclosures feature a removable cover for easy mounting and access, and protect components in applications subject to rain, sleet, snow, or dripping water.

The NEMA/UL Type 3R/4/4X/12/13 rated enclosures include a silk-screened Johnson Controls logo and a continuous hinged door with a fast-operating clamp assembly. The door has an oil-resistant gasket, continuously welded and smooth seams, and a rolled lip around three sides of the door and the enclosure opening. You can detach the door by removing the continuous hinge pin. The hasp and staple attached enables the use of a padlock.

The expansion panel includes a steel or aluminum enclosure with perforated subpanel, a pre-mounted DIN rail, wire ducts, 24 VAC distribution terminal block, and a 96 VA power supply with convenience outlets. One model contains a single 40 VA power supply, other models have an additional 96 VA transformer.

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