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D-4070 Pneumatic Piston Damper Actuator
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Figure 1. D-3031 Pneumatic Piston Damper Actuator

The D-4070 Two-Stage Pneumatic Actuator is a multipurpose positioning device used to accurately position small dampers primarily on unit ventilators, VAVs, terminal units, and small ventilating dampers in response to output signals of a pneumatic controller or electro-pneumatic transducer.

The D-4070 is specifically designed to provide ASHRAE Cycle II and W control of unit ventilators where a minimum of outdoor air (15 to 50%) is admitted during the heating and ventilating stage and gradually increased to 100%, if needed, during the cooling and ventilating stage.

The D-4070 is a direct replacement for existing D-3070 actuators and a functional replacement for older D-255 actuators.

Refer to the D-4070 Two-Stage Pneumatic Actuator Product Bulletin (LIT-2681082) for important product application information.