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About this task

When the customer requires License Portal access for additional users, a request must be submitted to add the new users. The customer needs to contact Johnson Controls Support to have an initial administrator user added. Once an administrator user is added, the administrator user can use the License Portal to submit requests to add additional users for the customer's organization.


  1. In the Users tab, click +New User. The New User Request dialog box appears.
  2. Enter information in the First Name, Last Name, and Email text fields. Select the role to define the user's role as a User or an Administrator.
  3. Click Add User. The New User Request dialog box closes, and the following message appears with the support ticket number that you can click to view the ticket: Request has been sent.
    Note: The new user does not appear in the Users tab until the request is approved by Johnson Controls Support. See Ticket requests for more information.

    After you submit a request to add a new user, Johnson Controls Support must approve the request. If approved, an email is sent to the new user that includes a link to the License Portal. When the user clicks on the link to the License Portal, the user is prompted to enter their email address and their organization’s password if the License Portal detects the email is associated with an organization using Microsoft® Office 365® federated services. If the License Portal does not detect the use of Office 365 federated services, it prompts the user to create a password specifically for use with the License Portal. After the user enters their email and password, the user is requested to review and accept the Johnson Controls privacy policy. If the user accepts the privacy policy, the user is logged in to the License Portal. If the user does not accept the privacy policy, the user is not logged in to the License Portal.