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Software Licensing
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In the Software tab, you can access all of the software-related content available to the user for products in a published state. This includes the purchased software that was downloaded and also additional software or files, such as product literature. Use the search bar to search by product name or product code.

Table 1. Software table overview
Column name Description

Displays the name of the software product. Click a product name to view the product details for that software. See Viewing product details for more information.

Product Code

Displays the product code of the software product. The software product code corresponds to the product ID in AOMS. This column is empty for products without product codes that are not available for purchase in AOMS.

Latest Published Date Displays the date the software product was last published.

Displays the number of features mapped to a product as a link if there is more than one feature or the feature name and version if there is only one feature.

You can click the link displayed in the column to display the Feature Name, Feature Description, and Feature Version.


Click the download icon in a product row to download the software. See Downloading Software for more information.